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Jul 31, 2013 11:00pm PDT
in america and less than 7% of the land and it's important for lower property values for those uses to be maintained. i believe the port plays a large role in that and maintaining the uses are important component for maintaining diverse economic base for the city and for the businesses that have no where to go otherwise they would go outside the city to do what they need to do. it is true of course that waterfront access is a key component and i think one of the wonderful things about the san francisco waterfront it combines both of those things and maritime and public access scprt activities. it's not about wiping the slate clean and starting over so the plan has expanded the shoreline system. it has integrated areas for development and accept regional growth in a smart way. now we are looking at ways of implementing this work and what is causing some of the consternation out there is is that there are large sites out there and i understand that but it's important for staff to understand that the developments implement the planning work that we done and ensure that the connect
Aug 4, 2013 7:30pm PDT
provided an area that is important. and the context of sea level rise after the america's cup is complete. in terms of overall lessons those are lessons of the plan 127b9d public engagement and it's going to last throughout the project. we've learned that the public expects excellence on the waterfront xylophones. our partners are selected through a fair public process. that b cdc have to be an integral part of this process. and especially, when you're looking at major industries like at pier 70 it's important. the public is increasingly enjoying the project. and we've learned that the design uses can connect the neighborhoods to the waterfront. neck steps we're working together with those promotions and there's a high number of them at the same time. we're trying to implement the land use plan and the other neighborhoods plan. to meet the goals we're looking at potential zoning changes and probably tweaks to the waterfront designing pr we think that some of those changes are likely justified and those sites play an important part in reaching our targets. we still doesn't add up to all th
Aug 7, 2013 7:30pm PDT
to become -- we're marching towards becoming the most economically robust parks program in america. we had a cell phone app, parka meanttionv, park hours, park programs. we can now register online and having wi-fi in our parks will make it easier for park users and frankly our staff to deliver the programs and services that the public expects in our open space. so, we're thrilled ~. government can't do it alone any more, so, this is really about partnership. we're so thankful to google and veronika, thank you for hanging with us. thank you to sf city. a big thanks to mark, supervisor farrell for stewarding this. and also a big thanks to the mayor who has really given us room to be innovative, room to pursue public private partnerships and has really supported innovation in our parks. and, john, thank you for hosting us here. supervisor avalos has been an incredible advocate for our neighborhood parks and one of the things great about this gift, this is not just going to parks frequented by tourists or destination parks. this is a benefit that is going into our neighborhoods. so, we're real
Jul 31, 2013 10:30pm PDT
on at the port and the america's cup and all of developments and mission rock and today and there is a theme and i don't know if monique thought about for this particular meeting but she knows we're interested and we want to strategically step back and what we're doing at the port and to that end why we're having the presentations today and from the planning department and how we're working in concert with the rest of the city on the activities and the waterfront is as i say on fire and you heard about the bart strike and input for peter and all of the things we want to do improve the transportation facilities and not just on emergencies but on a regular basis and it's approprothat we have the presentations today and i think the commission is excited to hear from the other departments from the city and how they can work with the part and with that we will move on. >> item nine and with the san francisco planning department with the port of san francisco and urban design. >> good afternoon. i am diane assistant deputy director of planning for the port and it gives me great pleasure to provid
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)